The best SteakHouse Steak (at home!)

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I have a new addiction. Already addicted to coke (Diet that is), addicted to cleaning (OCD anyone?) and now I am addicted to Pinterest. Damn you Jen and Chantal!

I had decided initially to do a 30 Day Pinterest challenge and had the intentions of doing something found on Pinterest every day for the month of July. Then I remembered I am going to Vegas for a week. There will be lots of things I will be doing in Vegas…but they probably won’t be found on Pinterest and they will never be spoken of aloud to anyone….ever. So the challenge has been rescheduled for August.

However, since I had started my self imposed challenge I had done a few things from the site already….crafted some stuff, made homemade cleaners, created a table top S’More-er and tried some recipes. There are A LOT of great looking recipes on Pinterest. I currently have 166 recipes “pinned”. Since I am the epitome of a carnivore (I guess we humans are actually omnivores since I do eat a few veggies but LOVE my charred mammal flesh) this picture automatically stood out to me.


pinterest steak


This is a recipe that can be found on this blog: (i’m not smart enough to figure out how to add in a link…just copy and paste the address into your address field. If I have to explain copy & paste to you then you have more computer issues then me.)

What a funny and amusing blog! Not to mention this FABULOUS recipe for the best steak ever…with OR without a BBQ. I always said my last meal if I were on death row….or the zombies were coming….or Jesus….or whoever….would be BBQ steak as it was my favorite. Notice I said WAS. This will replace BBQ as my pre-zombie last supper.

There is not much that I changed in this recipe….but you know me….I had to change something.

For the steak you will need:

Um…steak. Now I could not find an 8oz filet mignon. Maybe i’m blind….maybe i’m stoopid…but there was just none to be had at The Great Atlantic SuperStore. I am sure if I had have gone to a real live butcher or to the City Market I could have but dammit I am lazy and just wanted to eat. So I bought the thickest steak I could find. They were aptly named “Beefeater” steaks. Would have confused the hell out of me had they been called “Chickeneater” steaks but then again I did snap THIS picture at the Superstore awhile ago….



So nothing would surprise me anymore.

The only other things you need is a GOOD salt, fresh cracked black pepper and oil. Now on Whits blog she uses olive oil. I used Grapeseed oil and i’ll explain why. Any time I have EVER made anything in the cast iron pan in the oven and used olive oil the entire house gets filled with smoke. Olive oil has a low smoke point (just before FLASH point) so as it heats and goes beyond 325-375 degrees (the normal “frying” temperature for oils) it will smoke and cause your oil to blacken and smoke to billow from your oven. Not to mention assault your ears when your smoke alarm blares. What you want is a SCREAMING hot cast iron pan. You are heating it on high and searing the beef on either side on the stove top (which most oils can handle) but then you are placing in a 500 degree oven (as per Chef Alton Brown) so you need an oil with a smoke point of 400 + degrees.  This gives you the choice of Grapeseed oil (no flavor), Canola, Corn, Safflower, Sunflower or Vegetable oil. I had Grapeseed so I USED grapeseed.

Give your steaks a generous rub of salt and pepper.



On the stove top heat your cast iron on high and add the oil (1Tbsp or you can simply brush your steak on both sides with oil and place into dry pan…this will also help to avoid smoke). Sear your meat 30 seconds on each side and place into the oven on the center rack.



Leave the steak in the oven for 4-10 minutes depending on the thickness of your steak and your preference for doneness (is that a word?) I like my steak Medium Rare so I leave a 1″ steak in for 4 minutes… a 2″ steak for 5-6 minutes…a 3″ steak for 6-7 minutes….you get the drift, right?

Be careful taking the cast iron pan out of the oven….that baby is going to be HOT.



This process is quick so have the rest of your meal ready or almost ready before starting the steak.

Let your steak rest for 1-2 minutes after removing from the oven and before slicing into that juicy nugget of goodness. Otherwise you are going to lose all that juice and the cutting board gets all the goodness.



For the compound butter you will need:

Butter NOT margarine…go ahead, splurge, you are worth it. Leave the butter on the counter for a few hours to soften.

Roasted garlic (very simple. Lop off the top of the whole bulb. Peel off the thin skin. Place in the center of a square of tin foil. Rub with olive oil. Bake in a 400 degree oven for 35 minutes. Once cool, squeeze out the roasted cloves.)

Fresh chopped parsley and thyme

Lemon zest



Mix together your preferred ratios (I used 1/2 block of butter, A LOT of garlic…the whole bulb, 1Tbsp Lemon zest, 1 tsp each chopped herb). Place on the center of saran wrap or tin foil and roll into a log. Refrigerate.



Once your steak is plated. top with a thick slice of butter. Oh. Em. Gee. This is the kicker. It is soooooooo amazing. Trust me. My son even said that this was the best steak he has ever had and we both made little mewling noises as we ate. Sad huh?



A few nights later I had BBQ steak (no sauce) and added a coin of this butter (which by the way will keep in the fridge for a very long time!) and it was also delicious….although not as good as the pan fried one.




You try it and let me know your preference!


love, peace and chicken grease,

– A Cooped Up Chick



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