Harmonica Virgins

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I know…you are saying to yourself….WTH??!! I said the same thing.

Last night I had consumed a few Rum and Cokes and decided to get on FaceBook and do some chatting and I saw a friend from High School was doing the same thing except her and her friend were trying out different drink recipes (liquor before beer nothing to fear, beer before liquor never been sicker!).

This was her FB status and it had me laughing soooooo hard that I thought I was going to pee a little (remember I was drinking too!):

“xxxxx has perfected the harmonica virgin. We have nailed several virgins. We are who we are. We have been discussing Jersey Shore, and we have come to two conclusions. Firstly, there should be a new Crayola crayon called “Jersey Shore Orange,” and secondly, there is no room in this world for pseudo-orange people. So say we all.”

I thought that that sounded like fun so she sent me the recipes for the drinks they were having…’Adios Futhermuckers’, ‘Lemon Drop Champagne’ and the one that interested me most was called ‘Harmonica Virgins’.

Drink title was inspired by a performance in a middle school musical. The creators are teachers (shhhhhhh!! names must be protected due to morals clauses, blah, blah, blah!) who sat in and assisted on this musical. There was one song that the students sang (with all their might…full of vim and vigor…cracking voices and everything!) that was called “Harmonic Convergence”. To the spectators it sounded like “harmonica virgins”. Go ahead. Take this moment to belt out harmonic convergence….you know you want to!  Thus explains the drink and the title. The teachers needed it. (“Whats up with that virgin song??!!??” ROTFLMAO)

What you will need:

2 oz lemon vodka

1 oz triple sec

1 1/2 oz ruby red grapefruit juice

1 oz cranberry-raspberry juice

1 oz strawberry passionfruit fruitopia

3 dashes of lemon juice

Mix all ingredients in shaker and serve over lots of ice.

Ok. Now that is exactly as she had given me the recipe. First off I couldn’t find Fruitopia or Lemon vodka. I bought ‘Fuze’ in the strawberry/melon flavor combination and Citrus Smirnoff. I thought they were pretty close! Secondly when I mixed the drink it was a bit to strong for my tastes. I like girly, frou-frou drinks….if you have a little umbrella then I like that in there too!

So I added a splash more Cran-Raspberry and a splash more grapefruit juice. It was perfect!!! Yummy and smooth and I got to use my martini shaker for the first time!

Thirdly since I used my martini shaker I drank it martini style. Shaken with ice but served without.

I think the next one WILL be served on ice. With a double recipe. I want a bigger glass because they seem to be going down wAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAy too fast.


love, peace and chicken grease,

-A Cooped Up Chick

Thanks to a couple of creative, funny, innovative, frustrated teachers (Who Shall Not Be Named) for the recipe. Oh and thanks for teaching our brats too!


Author: Cooped Up Chick  //  Category: Beverages, December 2010

So its always nice to have a festive, fun new cocktail drink recipe…just in time for New Years.

Ok, I don’t really do much of anything on New Years. In fact my tradition the past 2 or 3 years has been to treat myself to lobster, a new movie rental and some booze (alone) and ring in the New Year slightly inebriated on the couch.  It works for me.

At our work potluck, my manager made a really yummy punch of Cranberry-Raspberry Ocean spray, Orange Juice and 7Up. It was super good but as I was sipping all I could think was “Mmmm…wouldn’t it be even BETTER with vodka?? MMMM!!” Well a couple of days later I was getting groceries and decided, lets find out! So I purchased the 7Up and a PC brand can of concentrated orange juice and headed over to the juice aisle. Lo and behold there was a plethora of Cran-Raspberry, Cran-Blueberry, Cran-This, Cran-That! What was a girl to do? I started reading the many different Cran varieties and found the winner. Cranberry-Black Cherry. Oh boy oh boy.

I quickly totaled and settled up at the cash and it was off to the liquor store. I am usually more of a rum girl but I just felt vodka would be the thing. In the liquor store I was again faced with a quandary.  Regular vodka, Vanilla vodka, Blueberry vodka…then i found Raspberry vodka. We are all set.

Got home and realized the amount of liquid I had bought and got out 3 rubbermaid pitchers. I made the frozen orange juice in one and poured a third into each of the other containers. I then poured a third of the Cran cocktail into each. Important step: Stir this mixture BEFORE adding the 7Up. I did NOT the first time I made this and the pop fizzed up and soaked me and the counter top.


Then I added the 7Up. Mixed gently and poured it into a cup filled with with ice and a shot of the raspberry vodka.


I thought a lovely holiday name would be great so I called it ‘Santa Baby’…the Marilyn Monroe version of course!

I should be getting another holiday drink recipe for you soon.


love, peace and chicken grease,

A Cooped Up Chick