Quick Oven (Pinterest) Shrimp

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I found this recipe on Pinterest (and of course also all over Facebook) so I thought i’d give it a try because as we all know I am literally a shrimp Ho.

One of my close friends at work, Joy, always tells me I should have my cholesterol checked….routinely, due to the amount of shrimp I ingest regularly.

I have been known to eat an entire shrimp ring in one sitting. More then once a week. Don’t judge me. lol. At least it is healthy and has protein. I’m not sitting down 2-3 times a week with a jumbo bag of Doritos.

Honestly its my homemade cocktail sauce. The shrimp makes it taste better…believe me…i’ve tried eating it with a spoon but scooping it up with a juicy little shrimpy is better.

For the cocktail sauce you’ll need:

2 cups of ketchup

1/4 cup prepared Horseradish

1/2 tsp lemon juice

dash of Worcestershire sauce


Mix together. Refrigerate.


For the shrimp you’ll need:

1 lb of shrimp (about 1 bag of frozen shrimp, 25-30 pieces)

sliced lemon (enough to layer at the bottom of the pan)

1/4 cup of butter (splurge…use the real stuff)

2 Tbsps of chopped garlic

1 tsp Italian seasoning (I have never been able to find this in my local grocery stores so about a year ago I made my own. In a food processor add 2 Tbsps of the following dried spices: basil, oregano, rosemary, marjoram, cilantro, thyme, savory and red pepper flakes. Pulse together.)

Now this is all the recipe calls for…I added 1 Tbsp of chopped pickled hot peppers. I couldn’t help myself.




Here are the difficult instructions.

Preheat oven to 350.

Place the butter on a cookie sheet (or baking stone) and melt in the oven for 1-2 minutes.

Layer the lemon slices in the butter.

Add garlic (and hot peppers).




Lay the shrimp on top. Do not overlap. Move them around a little to get the goop on the shrimp.

Sprinkle with Italian spices. I also added fresh ground sea salt and pepper.




Bake for 15 minutes.








I guess you could serve this over rice or noodles. I ate them right off the pan. 🙂




Love, peace and chicken grease,

-A Cooped Up Chick

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